Heavy duty offroad truck bumper for Ford, Chevy, GMC, Dodge, and Toyota

Bump-R-Boss Heavy Duty Custom Truck Bumpers

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: [Is this a "knock-off" of another popular heavy bumper maker (unnamed) I've seen elsewhere?]
A: NO!  These bumpers are made by the same factory that has supplied those bumpers that you have seen under another brand name to only the highest standards and design.

Q: [Are there bumpers available for other models not seen on this site?]
A: YES!  We have the designs finished for dozens of other models and years of vehicles.  New models are being added to the site all the time.  If you want to know if your make/model is available now, just give us a call at 866-851-2346.

Q: [Why are your prices so cheap?  Other bumpers of this quality are WAY more?!]
A: Because we do not get them from a "middle-man" or a distributor.  We ARE DIRECT from the factory in Oregon just a few miles from our warehouse and have NO sales tax to pay here as well.

Q: [How do I get my bumper?]
A: Bumpers can be picked up at our location in Oregon or they can be shipped to yours.  They are shipped strapped to a pallet and your shipping location must have a DOCK and a FORKLIFT to unload from the truck.  If you do not personally have this type of location, then we strongly suggest that you have it shipped to the body shop or other business that will wither install the bumper for you, or at least let you pick it up there.  For more shipping information,

Q: [Are there any other places that I can buy Bumper Boss bumpers?]
A: At this time, we are offering ground-floor opportunities for body-shops and off-road truck shops to sell Bumper Boss products throughout the US.  Call 866-851-2346 to add yours!